Industrial Measurement is the application used for three dimensional (3D) measurement mostly used in Aerospace, Manufacturing Industry and Engineering sectors which demands very high accuracy and efficiency.
Automation of the measurement set up and acquisition process, user-directed real time measurement, and provision for direct input of three dimensional coordinates, strings or geometric objects into a CAD model within a user defined reference frame are the important features of today's Industrial Measurement System.
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The latest total station technologies-auto-pointing, auto-tracking, reflectorless measurement and wireless control to greatly increase efficiency in a wider range fo applications.
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The MONMOS system handles large-scale 3D measurement tasks with unprecendented ease. Equipped with a new ultra-high performance EDM and absolute encoders, the NET1200 surpasses its predecessors in precision, range, speed, ease of operation, mobility and weather-resistance.
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3-Dim Observer
A data collector software specially designed to work with motorized Sokkia 3D stations in Industrial application.

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3-Dim PC Basic
A Desktop software program for industrial surveying and measuring tasks.

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The data collector software designed for 3D coordinate measurement.